A journey from New Zealand to Norway by two rookies in a 50 year old sailing boat

A journey from New Zealand to Norway by two rookies in a 50 year old sailing boat

tirsdag 10. august 2010

Home at last

Okay, lads, lasses and ladas; we're finally home and at our journeys end and goal. After 15 months and a handfull of days, we got back to Kirkenes last Thursday the 5th of August. We will round off this blog in a proper manner, once we've settled slightly and got into a somewhat normal routine. It will take a couple of weeks though. Until then: THANKS!

søndag 1. august 2010

A taste of Norway

Since we've been incredibly lazy in updating the blog since we arrived in Norway, you'll now get a tour of the country in picture-form. Enjoy!

We're currently in Honningsvåg, not far from the North Cape (which we didn't bother going around since we didn't have to, and we've both seen it before, from land and sea. Besides the party was in Honningsvåg.) We've got a little more than 100 miles left of the trip, and four days until our scheduled homecoming. Soon, very soon, it's over...

onsdag 28. juli 2010

In Tromsø, last scheduled stop...

Vi er i Tromsø, siste planlagte stopp før Kirkenes.

We're in Tromsø, our last scheduled stop before we're home in Kirkenes, by the russian border. We still have a little more than 350 miles left. ... about 1,5% of the total distance of the journey, and we have until the 5th of August to do it, shouldn't be a problem.

Soon the journey will be over, and we'll have to readjust to a landbound life ...

We'll try to get some pictures uploaded before we get home, so you all can see our beautiful country. Until then; ciao!

fredag 2. juli 2010

In Norway, at last

We´re in Norway, yeah, but not quite home yet!

Sorry for not updating the blog whatsoever lately. Guess the sheer joy of being somewhere we can´t talk norwegian behind peoples backs without them understanding has got to us and made us forget to blog. ...Or maybe it´s finally being in a country that´s both expensive, cold and unfriendly and full of rules that makes us rejoice and forget to update? But for everything else it´s our country, and it´s a beautiful place, one of the nicest ones we´ve ever sailed! ...and people are not so bad when, when you just get to know them, or they´ve had a few drinks.

Well, allright: We´re "home" in Norway, but that doesn´t mean we´re quite home yet. As some of you might know, we´re from the north of Norway, and that´s where we´re going. Norway has a coastline more than 1000 miles long, and we´re from the very end of it. Check out a map. See where the Norwegian/Russian-border is? That´s where we´re going. We´re planning to be there by the beginning of August. Hopefully we´ll find time to blog a bit between all the visits to friends and family along the coast. ...and pictures: we´re not taking much pictures these days, god knows why since this place is so nice, but we´ll take some to post for you guys.

Enjoy your July!

mandag 21. juni 2010

Bay of Biscuit

We've crossed the Bay of Biscay. It was nice. The weather was good. Just like that.
That could be all of it, but sorry peeps, I'm unable to be as concise as that, and will in the below go into petty detail, boring you out of your minds.
After the little incident of the Party-Portuguese (oh, by the way, we never used this info, but apparantly if you go to Lisbon you can go to the main street of the old town, past the church, the second door will be half open and you'll see a girl in there. Tell the girl you want to go up the elevator, if she tells you there is no elevator, go home and put on some other clothes, try again. In the elevator tell the operator that you wanna go all the way. Don't forget to say the secret codeword "Silk", and voilá: your at the most secret, coolest club in Lisbon. So the party-portuguese said anyway, if you try it, please tell us what it was like. Info courtesy of the Party-Portuguese) Okay, so after the crazy portuguese we were joined by Martin. Martin had decided to join us to work at his tan, which wasn't such a bad idea, as we would also like to tan hard for our imminent arrival home. Also we had read the book and watched the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and realised that we needed a lawyer for support and guidance, Martin would be that man. So we started out from Cascais, Portugal and went up to Camariñas, Spain, a four day journey. We had some good tanning going up there, but not much wind so we did a fair bit of motoring. That was all right, first things first; vanity, then progress and diesel-economics. Camariñas is situated just before the Bay of Biscay, which is extremely convenient. The weather in The Bay can be pretty bad, so it makes sence to stop and get some rest and decent weather reports before going in. We found everything we wanted here: Beer and internet. We failed miserably reading the weather reports before going. We thought that the big high-pressure moving in would mean we'd get some excellent tanning in, but hey; it was bloody overcast the whole way. Poor Martin hardly got a speck of color in, even though he stuck strictly to his motto of "tan while you can" and sought out every opportunity to rip of most of his clothes to catch some rays whenever the cloudcover was slightly thin. On the not-so-important upside we had excellent winds and were doing more than six knots lots of the time. As we closed in on France and our destination of choice; Aber Wrach we got boarded by customs. Yup, for the first time ever on the journey we actually got boarded in open water. The guys were courteous and polite enough (all six of them, interesting how they all fit on board.) They stayed for about 90 minutes ripping the boat apart, dismantling equipment to look for hidden drugs, taking out drawers to look beneath them and generally creating havoc. At the end of their searching-spree they were content that they had been pretty much anywhere without finding anything of interest to the french police or tax-authorities. As an afterthought one of the guys asked whether we had any perfume. Opening the toilet-door to show the guy our common, half-empty bottle of aftershave I noticed the look of amazement on his face. It wasn't until later we realised that after 90 minutes of meticulous searching (they checked inside the battery-compartments of our torches and inside our wallets) they had failed to find the toilet which takes up roughly one sixth of the inside floorspace of the boat. After that we went to Aber Wrach for weather-reports and some rest time. If you ever go to Aber Wrach you'll see that it's the kind of cosy place best suited for walking with your boy-/girlfriend fully dressed in warm clothes along windy, ice-cold beaches waiting for summer to come. All year round.

tirsdag 15. juni 2010

Check-in/OK message from Øyvind på Tur SPOT Messenger

Øyvind på Tur
GPS location Date/Time:06/16/2010 02:56:30 GMT

Click the link below to see where I am located.
Message:Fra de seilende:
Egil og Øyvind seiler avgårde og har det bra!
Egil and Øyvind are sailing happily along and are OK

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søndag 13. juni 2010

In Denmark, Norway next stop!

All right, sorry for the complete lack of updates lately, will come! Anyway, we're in Denmark and about to leave in one hour. Norway next stop, only 300 miles to go! ....and then one summer and 1600 miles of beautiful norwegian coastline!